Free Georgio Moroder Moog I Feel Love Preset

Georgio Moroder I feel love Free Preset and Midi files

Inspired by Attack Magazine’s ‘The Secrets of Dance Music Production’ I have created this Vital Preset to emulate Georgio Moroder’s Moog on the classic Donna Summer track ‘I feel love’. If you want to know more about the technique Moroder used then I recommend their book (I have received no endorsement from them). I hope you enjoy it!

The Vital Preset and Midi File

You can download 3 files: the FREE Preset here (MIDI drum here and arpeggio pattern here) but carry on on reading if you want to find out more about the Preset and how to use the midi files.

Watch the Video to hear the free Vital Preset accompanied by the drum pattern.

The Midi Files

After you have the FREE Preset. Upload the MIDI drum availble here and arpeggio pattern available here into your DAW and set to around 125 BPM. I chose the Ableton 808 Core Kit for my sound albeit the 808 wasn’t around in the 1970’s. I have provided an arpeggio Vital Moog.mid (used in the video) to be added to the VST track which is playing Vital. You can change the arpeggio to C D# F G for the ‘I Feel Love’ riff.

Manually creating the patterns

The drums track and arpeggio are below if you want to manually add them

Dance style drum pattern in piano roll
Dance style drums
Arpeggio Pattern  in piano roll bar
Arpeggio Pattern

The Macros

  1. Macro 1: adjusts the filter cutoff not just on Filters 1 & 2 but also the cutoff on some of the effects. It also adjusts the LFO 1’s smooth value from a very course value to its default value to smooth out the ‘punch’ as the filter increases.
  2. Macro 2: Adjusts the the shape of each Quad Saw so you can adjust to your own taste. If you wanted you could choose your own LFO shapes.
  3. Macro 3: As well as adjusting the resonance on the Filters, the macro also negatively adjusts the amount of distortion drive which would otherwise be too much as the resonance increases. It also increases the decay on the ADSR Envelope dynamically to give it a ‘pumping’ feeling to offset the loss of drive.
  4. Macro 4 is linked to each of the modulation buttons on LFO 4 which in turn modulates Macros 1 to 3. Basically turn Macro 4 to automatically modulate Macros 1 to 3. Turn the knob to hear the effect; its easier for you to hear than me to describe!

Hints & Tips to Make Your Own Changes

  • Try changing the waveforms in each Oscillator
  • I kept the sound Moog-like by using the ladder filter and only 3 voices. Try changing the number of voices and unison settings
  • Create you own arpeggios in your DAW