VIDEO: Subtractive Synthesis to create a slow sweeping Vital pad sound. Plus free Preset

You can create a great Slow sweeping pad using subtractive synthesis. In this video I show you how to modify Vital’s Envelopes and Filters to create a clean sounding pad. You can get the FREE PRESET HERE

You will learn

  1. How to adjust the Envelope Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Hold and Delay to get a pad to slowly grow in volume and decay over time
  2. How to use a low pass filter to gradually open up the sound
  3. How a comb filter can shape the sound over time
  4. Using an LFO to adjust the volume
  5. How Key tracking can open up the filters based on the pitch of the note played
Link to Subtractive Synthesis Video
Click here to watch the Video

Use these steps to create your own pad sounds. Enjoy!