Vital Reese Bass Design & Free Preset

For my reese bass sound I used a combination of FM and subtractive synthesis to give a wobbly bass.


Woobly Reese Bass accompanied with drums

The basic steps are below

  1. OSC 1
    • choose a Pulse width wave detune the pitch to -12 (i.e. 12 semitones being an octave lower). To add extra depth to the final sound detune the pitch further by -3 cents (this is found to the right of the Pitch control)
    • choose your preferred number of voices (I went for 2) and modify the detune to about 5%. A lower number of voices and detune setting will help the bass to cut through in the final mix.
  2. OSC 2
    • choose Basic shape & detune 2 octaves (-24 semitones) and adjust the pitch by +3 cents to offset the detune of -3 cents in OSC 1
  3. ENV1
    • Use the preset ADSR so the bass reaches full volume immediately before it sustains and decays

Now you have a basic bass start manipulating and shaping the sound and create a ‘wobble’.

  1. Filter 1
    • Filter 1 will be used create a wobble to the bass using a low pass filter (analog 12dB)
    • Increase the drive to taste and keytracking to open up the filter more or the lower notes but less on the higher notes by turning the knob anti clockwise.
  2. LFO 1
    • LFO 1 will be used to modulate the filter to give the wobble.
    • Choose a triangle LFO and drag LFO 1 onto Filter 1 to control its sweep.
    • Remember to set the LFO to Sync mode to Sync with your DAW’s tempo otherwise the wobble will be out of sync with your drums
  3. Filter 2
    • Adjust filter 2 to taste I went for an analog 24DB low pass filter to create a steeper cut-off.

The finishing touches: effects and sound shaping to your taste..

  1. If desired, add Glide, Octave Scale and legato to get the pitch glide between notes
  2. Adjust the Spread; mono is probably better.
  3. Try assigning Random 1 to filter 1 and 2 to add nuances to your sound
  4. Add distortion and flange as required
  5. Consider adding macros to control the distortion drive & mix or the flange feedback and Dry Wet sounds
Reese bass settings
Wobbly Reese Settings