Upgrade from Vital Plus to Vital Pro

How to Upgrade From Vital Plus to Vital Pro

It is easy to upgrade from Vital Plus to Vital Pro to get advantage of loads of additional Presets, wavetables and unlimited text to wavetable functionality, not to mention skins to overlay your favourite synth and more! The steps to upgrade to Vital Pro are below.

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Four steps to Upgrade from Vital Plus to Vital Pro

  1. Log into your account at https://account.vital.audio/
  2. Click the ‘Upgrade to Pro’ Button
  3. Make payment by Credit card or PayPal. Note the good news is that the price is discounted by your original Vital Plus payment ($25)
  4. The Upgrade is complete; packs are automatically downloaded and installed when you log in to Vital

Hints & Tips

TIP 1 For upgrading to Pro you don’t actually have to install a different version of Vital; according to Matt Tytel who wrote the amazing Vital synth, it actually downloads new content and unlocks unlimited text-to-wavetable through your account so all you need to do is restart Vital and it will auto download presets (if you’re logged in).

TIP 2 Check out the Discord Server to see the Perk!

Tip 2 Look out for the new skins available to you (go to the Advanced Tab and right click Skin to choose different skins)

Tip 3 Consider backing up your wavetables, Presets and LFOs and Samples before your upgrade ( refer to my artcle if you dont know how to do this)

Tip 4 Check you have the packs and unlimited text to wavetable access after your upgrade!

difference between Vital Plus and Vital Pro

Screen Shots of the process..

Here are the upgrade steps in pictures..