How to Upgrade to Latest Vital Synth Version

How to Upgrade to the Latest Version Of Vital Synth

It is easy to upgrade to the latest Version of Vital Synth in a few easy steps. This article covers what you need to know before upgrading, how to get the latest version and the install process.

Watch the Video or carry on reading below.

Before you begin

  1. Check which version you are on
    • Click the Vital logo in the top left of your Vital Synth to check your Vital Synth release version number is. (image below shows Version 1.0.7)
  1. Log into your account at to check what the latest available version is.

TIP 1 Its worth checking out the Discord server or Vital Forum to keep abreast of latest version changes.

Version Number

How to Upgrade Vital to the latest Version

TIP 2 Personally I always back up my custom Presets, Wavetables, LFOS and Samples before I upgrade Vital to the latest version. For details on how to back up your files check my article How to backup your Vital Presets. Remember to back these to cloud or offline storage too!

TIP 3 Close down your Vital Synth before the upgrade process starts to avoid any error messages.

  1. Log in to your Vital Account at
  2. Download the latest Version (TIP read any release notes so you can see what has changed)
Check versions and history
Check versions and history
  1. Download the latest executable file.
  2. If the file doesn’t automatically run then you may need to click it to execute it.
  3. Follow the installation instructions wizard
  4. Below are the images for Version 1.0.8

After Installation

  1. Open Vital
  2. Click the Vital Logo and check you have the latest version
  3. Look out for any new features added in accordance with the release notes
  4. Double check your Presets etc all still work