VIDEO: What Why and How to Map a Midi keyboard to Vital synth

Why should you assign your MIDI keyboard to Vital Synth?

Firstly, by mapping your MIDI keyboard to your Vital Synth you can control the dials on your Vital Synth using your MIDI keyboard. The advantage is you can forget about your mouse and get more creative with your playing as you can rapidly adjust parameters either in a methodical or random way to hear the impact the assigned dials will have on your Preset.

Secondly it will speed up your workflow and thirdly, it is so easy to do, why wouldn’t you do it?

WATCH THE VIDEO Watch how to assign your MIDI keyboard to Vital Synth here

The Video shows step by step instructions how to map your MIDI keyboard to Vital Synth.

How to assign the MIDI keyboard to Vital Synth PART 1

Watch the step by step video or follow the instructions below.

First decide what you want to assign:

  1. How many assignable knobs / sliders / pads / controllers on your MIDI keyboard do you have?
  2. Decide which controls on the Vital Synth you want to control
  3. Decide if you want to group multiple or individual controls to a single knob on your keyboard e.g. all 3 Oscillator Unison Voices could be mapped to a single keyboard controller
  4. Do you want to control the knobs you use most or maybe map to the controls which are in another Vital tab to save time getting to them e.g. the Effects or Advanced controls?

Once you know which controls you want to map to, you can start assigning the Vital controls to your MIDI keyboard

How to assign the MIDI keyboard to Vital Synth PART 2

  1. Select the Vital Control and Select > LEARN MIDI ASSIGNMENT
  2. Turn the dial / slider / pad on your MIDI keyboard that you want to map to
  3. Its as easy as that! You have now assigned the dial!
Learn Midi Assignment label
Learn MIDI assignment label

How to clear the MIDI keyboard assignment

The MIDI assignment will remain, even if you restart Vital unless you right click on the assigned dial in Vital and select > CLEAR MIDI ASSIGNMENT

Clear Midi Assignment label
Clear MIDI assignment label

Hints And Tips for Assigning your MIDI Keyboard to Vital

  • On my Akai MPK mini I have assigned Knobs 2 to 4 to Attach, Decay & Release.
  • I also assigned Knobs 4 to 8 to Macro 1 to 4 respectively.
  • I have left Knob 1 unassigned so I can choose what to assign it to depending on what I am working on e.g. I may assign it to quickly turn the filters ON or OFF or activate an effect.

The MPK has 8 assignable knobs which can be mapped to Vital Synth. Even better these come in banks so even more mappings are available!

It also has 8 mappable pads (but at the time of writing I haven’t been able to get the pads to work).