VIDEO: Text To Wavetable

Vital Synth is famous for its Text to Wavetable feature. Watch the Video here or follow the steps below. The video shows the easy steps to create the Text to Wavetable voice and shows how to add some extra effects to enhance the voices using Chorus, Delay and Compression. I then take the liberty to mash up the sound to create a unique Lead rhythm from it.

The Basic Vital Text to Wavetable Steps

  • Right Click in OSC 1
  • Text to Wavetable
  • Enter word e.g. “disco dancing”
  • Choose language
  • Hit Enter
  • Select Vocode under the Unison Control
  • Select Formant under the phase control (optional)
  • Adjust Unison Voices (optional)
  • Change LFO 1 to Saw Up
  • Drag and Drop LFO 1 on Wavetable

You are now ready to play your new Vital Synth Text to Wavetable sound. Have fun!

Text to Wavetable Tips

  • Remember to save the wavetable so you can use it with other sounds!
  • Enhance the voices using Chorus, Delay and Compression
  • See what happens when you add Formant Filters
  • Try playing the sound backwards by reversing the circle on the LFO 1 modulation anticlockwise
  • Try copying and pasting the wavetable to OSC 2 and OSC3 and repitch them or apply other modulations / effects to get weird phase effects