How to Backup your Presets, Wavetables, LFOs and Samples

In this article I will show you an easy way to backup your custom Presets, Wavetables, LFOs and Samples using the Export Bank function which you can then save offline or to the cloud.

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Why back up your Vital Presets, Wavetables, LFOs or Samples?

As well as recovering from a hardware crash, or that moment when you have realised you have accidently overwritten your favourite Vital Preset which can’t be recreated, backing up your Presets can help you to better organise your sounds for housekeeping purposes. For example you could have a bank of sounds used for a particular recording session or a maybe a particular genre which you seldom use but don’t want to delete, or perhaps its just so that you can share your Vital patches with a friend.

How to Back up Your Vital Presets, Wavetables, LFOs or Samples

  • Select the ‘burger’ menu
  • Select the Export Bank function to backup your Presets, Wavetables, LFOs or Samples (or choose Export Preset to backup individual Presets)
  • Select the Presets, Wavetables, LFOs and Samples you want to Export (Tip: hold Shift for selecting a group of Presets or select ‘+’ to add individual Presets)
  • Enter an Export Bank name
  • NB Only samples you have stored in Users > username >Documents > Vital> User >Samples (or non pc equivalent) can be exported
  • Select Export Bank
  • Choose a location and click Save

Ok so the job is done, but do remember to back up your Export to offline / cloud storage for safekeeping!

The Export Bank is stored in the format *.vitalbank and to import it back into Vital use the Import Bank from the ‘burger menu’.

Vital Export Bank Screen
Vital Export Bank Screen